A living & breathing 2015 calendar for design studio Mytton Williams, with seasonal colour harmonies, sound-reactive animation & 16 original compositions · everydayjazz.com

In November 2014, Studio Remote were commissioned to produce a digital calendar for the graphic design studio ‘Mytton Williams’. We created a calendar, that is ever changing.  A real-time animation, creatively generated each day.

With seasonal colour harmonies, particles appear to form the date, all in response to the day, the music and the season.

Sixteen unique jazz tracks were composed, four per season, with four instruments used for each piece.

Every track containing a common twelve-note theme relating to the twelve months of the year. A living and breathing calendar, that’s different every time.

365 Days. 365 unique creative expressions.

January 2015
8:26 pm

Concept & Creative Direction: Adam Rodgers, Bob Mytton & Ed Robin
Animation & Code: Tomomitsu Kanai
Music: Tom Berge