Our installation ‘Loops’ at the Glasgow GoMA – 360° sound & visuals; a journey from the earths core, into the ocean, venturing upwards through the clouds into deep space.

A Numbers Experiment • Installation by Studio Remote

March 2015

Creative Direction: Adam Rodgers
Animation & Code: Tomomitsu Kanai
Sound Design: Aleks Jurczyk
Original Score: Adesse Versions, Anthony Naples, Blawan, Bob Techno, Deadboy, Doc Daneeka, General Ludd, JD Twitch, Line Idle, Lory D, Luma, Kool Clap, Kowton, Midland, Mumdance, Peverelist, Redinho, Sparky, Tersh, Unspecified Enemies
Sound & Light: Shaun Murphy & Mark Macgregor
Photography by: James Anderson & Niall Walker